Imanisikiyobeisyouten☆Let’s go to the shop of the popular sake.




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It is one of the shops of the sake most popular in Naramachi.You can sample various liquor for 500 yen.●

Price Sake500yen~●

Business hours 8:15~17:15

Place Fukutiinnorth intersection neighborhood

You will want to drink “sake” if you come to Japan.

Of course there is sake popular with Nara.

One of the inside is the sake named “Harusika”.←春鹿

If there is not that you drank sake,because you are delicious, please try it!

You can sample liquor, and the purchase has a done shop.

A place of the shop is this place.

I walk toward the depths of Naramachi.


It is a wonderful building!

It is the Japanese house more than 100 years ago.It is a shop having a long open history for a long term.


Everybody enjoys sake.I can sample it for 500 yen how!

Please pay money at a reception desk.You get a glass.

You can drink five kinds of sake.

Because the sake is individual, it is interesting.


You can buy liquor as a souvenir.

“Harusika” is one bottle 400~ yen.


The wonderful glass is sold.

It is a glass to drink sake deliciously.


The recommendation is this liquor.

The name of this liquor is “Harusika cherry liquor”.

It is the liquor which I cooked in the image of cherry blossoms.

The alcohol is 15 degrees.It is the liquor which it is easy to drink very much.

You must enjoy sake, too.


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Store’s name Imanisikiyobeistyouten

Address 24-1 Fukuchiincho, Nara, Nara Prefecture

Phone number 0742-23-2255