Yamazakiyahonten☆A Narazuke pickle is a popular shop


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It is a shop selling a popular pickle named Narazuke●

Price Narazuke350yen~

Business hours9:00~21:00(Always without holiday)

Place in the south side of the Higasimuki mall

There is a classic pickle in Nara.

The name is “Narazuke”.Narazuke is Pickles seasoned with sake lees.

There may be a person and a hateful person liking that.But please eat.

Yamazakiya is a popular pickle shop.

Many tourists come every day.


It is in the south side of the Higasimuki mall.

Because it is a big shop, I think that you notice immediately.


Many products are put in the store.

The pickle using the gourd is the most popular.


There are a persimmon and a cucumber, the melon, too.


You can try all pickles.

Please find the pickle which you like.

The pickle of the cucumber was delicious personally.



The excellent thing which was in the box is prepared.

The price becomes slightly higher, too.


I can eat in the depths of the shop.


The set meal of the eel is 2700 yen,A set meal of sushi is 1680 yen.

If the meal is delicious, this shop is popular.


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Store’s name Yamazakiyahonten

Address 5 Higashimuki Minamimachi, Nara, Nara Prefecture

Phone number