You will get a Gosyuin




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When you went to the temple of Nara, let’s get a commemorative seal.●

Price Once 300 yen●

You can get ”Gosyuin” in the temple of Japan!

Do you not know the gosyuin?

You get it as the mark that visited a Shinto shrine of Japan and the temple.

You have you write it to the notebook named “Gosyuinchou”.


This is a gosyuinchou.There is various size.

As for the gosyuinchou which I bought, a Japanese myth becomes the motif.

Because there are various kinds, please look for the design which you like.


The inside is plain paper.

You have you write it in turn here.

Let’s go to get it at once!


It is “Gankou-ji temple” here.It is one of the temples most popular in Nara.

It is enrolled in a world heritage.

A place is this place.

You can get gosyuin here.

Because they write it as a writing brush with a sumi carefully, some time hang.

Gosyuin is 300 yen each.


While you are waiting, you must spend it looking at a beautiful garden.

In addition, I think that what you observe is good because there are a Buddha statue and the artworks more than 1,500 years ago in the temple.



This is a gosyuin!

A kanji written by a writing brush is very beautiful!

The name of the enshrined Buddha statue is written in this each.

Let’s go to another one place, the temple.


This is “Kofuku-ji Temple”.

This is the temple where is popular in Nara, too.Here is a temple of the world heritage, too.

A place is this place.

It is the distance that can walk from “Gankou-ji Temple” like the point.

In Kofuku-ji Temple, you can have you write it in this building.

You may look at the place having you write it here.



I get an excellent letter and am glad.

Will you think that this book is beautiful, too?

Because the “Gosyuinchou” is sold for approximately 1,000 yen here, have me write you by all means.


An excellent museum is in Kofuku-ji Temple.

You may enjoy the visit here!


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