Welcome to Nara!





↑I compile the information of the shop of Naramachi(奈良町).

You know business hours and the place of a cafe and a general store and the restaurant.

Welcome to Nara!

The name of this site is called “NARA-RAKU”.I collect the information of the shop of Nara and send it.

What did you visit it expecting in Nara?

Is it a deer? Is it a temple?

Yes, it is very splendid!


But there is no Nara with that alone.

There is a lot of delicious food, and there is the splendid industrial art object.

You find it in this site, and please come.


An area called Naramachi is in Nara.

It is the zone that went to the south from Kintetsu-Nara Station.It becomes Naramachi when you go over the Sanyo-street.


Because there is the popular rice-cake dealer called the Nakatanido(中谷堂), the mark, please.

A mall spreads out for a while.

Naramachi is an old town.It prospered with a temple.

Therefore there are a lot of old Japanese houses.

The wonderful shops where they redecorated the old house into increased now.



Because it is an interesting town, please go out to play!